Versiti - Butler vs. Marquette Blood Battle | Versiti Blood Center of Indiana

Butler vs. Marquette Blood Battle

Congratulations on Butler University's victory in the 2022/2023 Blood Battle! Thanks to your mighty efforts, we saved up to 2,367 lives together! 

Blood Battle: the biggest battle off the court.

Thanks for teaming up to save lives in the Blood Battle!

This year’s Blood Battle is in the books. And although only one school could win this spirited competition (congratulations, Butler University!), the real winners are the thousands of patients whose lives were saved thanks to the students, staff and supporters in both of your communities.    

Together, Marquette University, Butler University and Versiti collected 789 units of blood and saved up to 2,367 lives. Pretty cool, right?  

This year’s battle was a blast! From tip-off to final score, we watched the scoreboard in awe of the stats you both kept putting up. The impact you made was inspired and inspiring.

We could not be prouder to be your teammates in battling blood shortages. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this important cause by donating blood, volunteering at a blood drive, promoting the battle and cheering on the competitors.

Ready for a rematch? Let’s do it again next school year. 

Congratulations again, Butler University – and a heartfelt thanks to you both!

Blood Battle Leaderboard

College Percent of Donation Goal
Butler University
First Place Icon
Marquette University
Second Place Icon
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