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Cord Blood Donation

Cord blood is easy to donate, and can save somebody's life. Give life twice - learn how you can help.

The Facts About Cord Blood Donation

Umbilical cord blood is a rich source of stem cells. For people suffering from certain kinds of blood cancer and other life-threatening diseases, a transplant of stem cells from cord blood or marrow may represent the best hope for survival. The volume of stem cells needed for transplant varies with a patient's size. Two cord blood units are usually sufficient for transplant to an adult; one unit may be enough for a child.

Versiti Blood Center of Michigan's Cord Blood Bank is one of only 16 public cord blood banks in the United States and was Michigan's first, established in 1999. Cord blood donated through the Cord Blood Bank is listed on international databases to help patients anywhere in the world.


Donating cord blood is safe, easy, free and anonymous.

  • Does not interfere with birthing
  • After uncomplicated delivery, the doctor collects blood and sends it to the cord blood bank
  • No risk or pain for mother or baby
  • No charge to donate
  • Donors' names are not revealed to recipients
  • If not collected, cord blood is discarded as medical waste.

How to Donate Cord Blood

Fill out the preliminary screening form and send it to us one of the following ways.

  • Mail | Versiti Michigan Cord Blood Bank, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Fax | 616-233-8559
  • Email |
  • If you require assistance, you can call us to complete the form over the phone. 616-233-8604 or 866-642-5663

Within 4 weeks of your due date, we will mail the collection paperwork to your home.

  • Bring the completed paperwork with you to the hospital when it's time to deliver your baby. 
  • When you arrive at the hospital for delivery, inform the staff that you are a cord blood donor and give them the paperwork.
  • The hospital has kits on hand to collect your baby's cord blood. They will place your completed paperwork in the kit with the collected cord blood.
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