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Linkin Eger

Brain cancer survivor and blood transfusion recipient.

Linkin Eger

Nine-year old Linkin Eger is no stranger to the up-hill battle with cancer. At just two years old, he was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain. Surgery removed most of the tumor, but the cancer would return five years later.

Linkin underwent chemotherapy treatment at the age of 7, every week for one year. Along with his treatment, Linkin needed blood transfusions because he was very anemic. He also required several platelet transfusions.

The donors who provided those precious gifts have helped Linkin to thrive.  Linkin now loves to camp, swim, eat marshmallows and play with friends.  If you need a smile, you can count on Linkin to spread a little cheer.

But Linkin was not alone in his fight.  He found a friend in nine-year old Naudia Greenawalt.  Naudia, found out about Linkin’s diagnoses and decided to learn more about her friend’s disease. She asked him questions, accompanied him to doctor appointments, and learned more about the horrific illness.

Eventually, Naudia published “My Friend Linkin,” a 36-page book that sheds light on Linkin’s battle with cancer. The proceeds from the book helped raised money for Linkin’s medical expenses. 

Linkin was excited to share his story with others and today, he and Naudia work to inspire and educate both children and adults alike by writing more books on other friends with cancer.

With friends like Naudia – and the selfless blood donors who’ve helped Linkin to thrive – we know he has a bright and happy future in store.

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