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The Beacon Club for Blood Donors

Our blood donor loyalty program recognizes blood donors for their selfless, lifesaving blood donations.

The Beacon Club recognizes your commitment to saving lives by celebrating your donation milestones.


Versiti Celebrates Dedicated Blood Donors

Blood donors are at the core of our lifesaving mission, and we couldn’t do it without you. To celebrate your contribution, we created The Beacon Club. This blood donor loyalty program recognizes your commitment to saving lives by celebrating your milestones. As a Versiti blood donor, you are automatically a member.

Versiti highlights and recognizes Beacon Club members on social media and through our e-newsletter. We offer gallon pins and thank you gifts to show our appreciation for your commitment to saving lives. 

Everyone is welcome in The Beacon Club, and everyone is needed! In fact, the club’s goal is to track your milestones and celebrate with you as you continue to a make a difference again and again each year. We're so happy to have you as part of our family. As a frequent blood donor, you know how critical blood donations are, and we can’t thank you enough. 

We hope you’ll come in and donate soon, because your unwavering commitment is really something to celebrate! We always look forward to seeing loyal donors like you – especially when you’re due for special recognition.

“Some things in life give us more satisfaction than others, and I think by donating blood, you get a lot of satisfaction.” – Darlene Merchant


Every day, patients in your community need blood transfusions to survive and thrive. They rely on the generosity of donors like you, who help ensure a safe, healthy blood supply. Make an appointment to donate blood today.

Explore donation opportunities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Host a Drive

Blood drive organizations save lives. Learn how to host a blood and platelet drive in your community with Versiti.

Volunteering with Versiti
Versiti volunteers provide an invaluable service to our lifesaving mission. Learn more about Versiti’s volunteer services and how you can serve your community.
Funding Research
Versiti Blood Research Institute Foundation accepts financial and philanthropic gifts from donors, which helps to propel lifesaving research.
Become an Organ and Tissue Donor
Learn more about how to sign up as an organ, tissue and eye donor and how organ donation saves and enhances lives in our communities.

Versiti invites you to share your story and photo to help encourage more people to give back. You may even be featured throughout the year on our social media.

HIPAA and Other Required Forms

Please download and complete the Media Release Form, HIPAA Release Form, and Public Disclosure of Health Information forms. If you have any questions on how to complete the HIPAA release form please refer to the informational handout. After you have completed the necessary forms upload them using the links below.

Photo Upload

Upload your photos that you would like us to use to feature your story. Please be sure to check the photo use agreement box below the upload options.

* Fields are required.

No, you are automatically enrolled once you donate or host a drive.

Under Ways to Give, then Beacon Club Loyalty Program.

YES! Employees can participate in The Beacon Club programs, including platelet, Ro, and host programs. The only exception is sweepstakes.  Unfortunately, the official rules prohibit employees from winning.

Please reach out to your states contact center or email us at so we can answer your questions and/or send any gifts as part of the programs (gifts are based on program participation and will determine eligibility).

If you did not receive your gallon pin at your last milestone donation, you can ask for it at your next donation, or call you states contact center, or email us at with the pin needed.  Pins can take up to 4 weeks to mail to our home once requested via our contact center or email.

At this time, we are only providing gallon pins for the gallon achieved in the current year.

Gallons are now based on units collected.  Your gallons will include your historical Versiti donations and any outside donations from other blood centers (if you have provided us this information).  Versiti products and outside products = your lifetime products.  Lifetime products are then divided by 8 to get your gallon. We use eight (8) pints to equal one (1) gallon.

We feel this is a more accurate representation of your lifetime of donating and the lives you have saved.  Life is precious, donation is vital, and all of your gifts are important.

Simply contact your states contact center and they will update your donor profile.  It may take up to 10 business days for the gallons to update with this new information.

Gallons are the units you provided over your lifetime of donating with Versiti and other blood centers (if you have provided us with this information).  Lifetime donations are the number of visits to a donor center or mobile drive for a completed donation with Versiti only and does not include the units collected or outside donations.

You can find both of these on your Donor Snapshot when you log into the Versiti donor portal or you can call your states contact centers and ask for this information.

No, we will honor the information provided. Life is precious, donation is vital, and all of your gifts are important.

Please reach out to your states contact center or email us at so we can discuss and resolve your concern.
Blood Types Explained
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Types of Donations
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Beacon Club Loyalty Program
Blood donors of all blood types and blood drive hosts earn rewards in Versiti’s blood center loyalty club. Donate blood or host a blood drive for rewards.