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Lectures & Seminars

Versiti provides several lecture and seminar offerings throughout the year

SBB Lectures 

Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) lectures are integral to the SBB program, providing theoretical information on transfusion medicine. These lectures are intended for medical professionals seeking to gain in-depth knowledge on transfusion-related topics. Speakers with expertise and professional experience address topics such as anemia, red cell antigen systems, blood donor qualification and storage of blood components.

AABB, CTHT and ASCP Audio conferences 

Versiti subscribes to a variety of audio conferences/webinars.

BRI Seminar Series

The Blood Research Institute sponsors several seminar series and lectures throughout the year. We bring together graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and investigators to hear presentations by nationally and internationally known scientists, whose work is relevant to research at the Blood Research Institute. Topics include studies in:

We also host:

  • A Medical Sciences Institute-sponsored seminar series that addresses clinical topics in hematology and hematologic disorders.
  • The Mosesson Lecture on Thrombosis, established by Michael W. Mosesson, M.D., Emeritus at the Blood Research Institute, brings an outstanding researcher in thrombosis medicine to the Blood Research Institute each year.
  • The Aster Lecture, presented annually, has historically brought a prominent researcher in the field of platelet biology to the Blood Research Institute. This lecture is presented in honor of Dr. Richard H. Aster, who served as President and CEO of the then-Milwaukee Blood Center for 26 years prior to his current role as a Senior Investigator at the Blood Research Institute.
  • The Annual Red Cell Genotyping Symposium in partnership with the National Institutes of Health, held in Bethesda, MD, each September.

Upcoming Lectures and Seminars

See below for our upcoming Lectures and Seminars. 


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