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Nursing Education

Nurses play an integral role in transfusion practice

Nursing Blood Transfusion Practice

From collection of patient sample to administration of blood product. Versiti offers seminars and other educational events for nurses with an emphasis on blood transfusion practice by enlisting the expertise of a variety of healthcare professionals.

Nursing Blood Transfusion Practice Seminars

Our seminars provide information on transfusion practice with the goal of increasing each nurse’s knowledge about the blood transfusion process and ultimately improving patient safety. Visit our Events page and beLearningTM for more information.

Nursing Education

Nursing Education at Versiti

Joan Heimler Legacy of Life Scholarship Award

Versiti is proud to offer the Joan Heimler Legacy of Life Scholarship Award. This scholarship is awarded annually to a nurse who works in critical care or the Emergency Department in Wisconsin.  For more details, please visit our Scholarship page.

Request Education Program

If you would like your organization to be considered for a Versiti speaker or education program, please submit a request.


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